Pavement Management 2014, Vol. 2


TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2456 consists of 17 articles that document enhanced gradation guidelines to improve asphalt mixture performance; accelerated pavement testing of warm-mix asphalt for heavy-traffic airfields; permeability of porous friction course pavements before and after accelerated pavement tests; active crack control for continuously reinforced concrete pavements in Belgium; load transfer characteristics of precast Portland Cement Concrete panels for airfield pavement repairs; and new and innovative concrete pavements with a structural dome formwork system.

This TRR also summarizes flexural capacity of full-depth and two-lift concrete slabs with recycled aggregates; an analytical approach for predicting three-dimensional tire–pavement contact loads; a reliability-based mechanistic–empirical flexible pavement design; prediction of an asphalt pavement temperature profile with finite control volume method; pavement-dependent load limits; and a sensitivity analysis of field-to-laboratory subgrade conversion factors.

Additionally, this TRR explores a simple design procedure for new flexible pavement structures based on the Mechanistic–Empirical Pavement Design Guide; an engineering cost–benefit analysis of thin, durable asphalt overlays; cold in-place recycling in Nevada; asphalt pavements with high reclaimed asphalt pavement content; and the importance of normal confinement to shear bond failure of interface in multilayer asphalt pavements.

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