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Development of an Acceptance Test for Chip Seal Projects

The Michigan DOT, in collaboration with Michigan State University, has undertaken research to produce a novel methodology for directly measuring the percent embedment depth of chip seals using an image analysis procedure. In the study, digital images were captured from the vertical cut cross sections of both laboratory-produced samples and cores collected on the Michigan road network and analyzed using the image analysis algorithms developed as part of the research. The study collected forty-eight (48) chip seal cores from the field within 8 different road sections, and fabricated forty (40) laboratory samples. The study also developed a user-friendly software package to analyze the chip seal samples.

Download a copy of the 95-Page Study Report (.pdf)

State of the Art Survey of Flexible Pavement Crack Sealing Procedures in the US

This report presents the results of a September 1990 national survey of crack sealing practices for flexible asphalt concrete pavements. It is a summary of the current methods and materials used by contractors and state departments of transportation and a comprehensive literature search.  In this survey, all 50 departments of transportation were contacted to ensure national coverage.

Download the Report (.pdf)

Coatings and Treatments for Beam Ends

The Pennsylvania DOT has issued a report containing an in-depth analysis of new and existing types of beam end coatings and treatments that have been proven to extend the life of new and existing concrete and steel bridge beams.

Download the Report (.pdf)

LCCA Reports

The following three Life Cycle Costing Analysis (LCCA) reports are now available for downloading:

Rubberized Asphalt Publications

The Rubberized Asphalt Foundation (RAF) has published the following documents and made them available for downloading.

Ultra-thin HMA / WMA Overlay Study