Pavement Special Provisions

Northeast Pavement Preservation Specifications

States in the Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership (NEPPP) have made available their pavement preservation specifications arranged within folders of treatment categories.  Within each folder are one or more files containing the actual specifications. (The first two characters of each file name indicate the state.)  Click the following link to access the folders.

Preservation Specification Category Folders

SEPPP Specifications – “Best Practice” Guidelines

Report on the differences between the 5 “Top-of-the-Curve” preservation treatments.

“Best Practice” guidelines for:

  • Chip seals,
  • Micro-surfacing,
  • Crack sealing,
  • Rejuvenators,
  • Fog seals, and
  • Thin HMA overlays

SEPPP Specifications (.zip)

Specification Spreadsheet Available

  • A draft spreadsheet, prepared at the 2012 National Pavement Preservation Meeting, containing Treatment, Agency, Specification Type, and Contact Person, has been updated and may be viewed here.

Maryland’s Pavement Preservation Guide

  • The new Guide may be downloaded here.

Polymerized Thin Lift HMA / WMA Innovation Project: