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SEPPP Specifications – “Best Practice” Guidelines

Report on the differences between the 5 “Top-of-the-Curve” preservation treatments.

“Best Practice” guidelines for:

  • Chip seals,
  • Micro-surfacing,
  • Crack sealing,
  • Rejuvenators,
  • Fog seals, and
  • Thin HMA overlays

SEPPP Specifications (.zip)

NCHRP Problem Statement – Rumble / Mumble Strips

Centerline and shoulder rumble and mumble strips have long served as a safety treatment tool to alert motorists to realign their vehicles to the driving lane. As part of the 2018 Midwest and Southeast Pavement Preservation Research Survey, rumble strip preservation was identified a research need.

The following links show treatment options in the form of a Research Needs Statement (RNS) submitted for funding to the NCHRP and the Problem Statement submission to the NCHRP.

NCHRP Problem Statement Submission (.pdf)

Rumble and Mumble Strip Preservation Options (.pdf)