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SEPPP 2014 Task Force Report

At its 2014 Annual Meeting in Louisville, Kentucky, the SEPPP produced the SEPPP 2014 Task Force Reports.

NCDOT Skidabrader Reclamite Project 2012

In June 2012, the North Carolina DOT completed a rejuvenation and friction restoration project on a 9-year old section of open graded friction course (OGFC) pavement located on I-40 in western North Carolina.  The project’s two objectives were to extend the life of the pavement by using a maltene-based rejuvenator and increase the pavement’s skid values.

Before the project started, cores were taken to establish initial benchmark values of critical parameters.  Subsequently, cores were taken for laboratory testing of specification compliance, rejuvenation effectiveness, and changes in skid numbers.

View a one-page copy of the Laboratory Report

View a short 3-minute movie of the Skidabrader Reclamite Construction

View the crash history before and after the improvement

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