Traffic Signal Systems Volume 1


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2557 consists of 11 papers that explore traffic signal systems, including:

  • Signal Timing for Diverging Diamond Interchanges: Fundamentals, Concepts, and Recommended Applications
  • High-Resolution Field Evaluation of Radar-Based Dilemma Zone Protection System
  • Impact of Green Light Optimized Speed Advisory on Unsignalized Side-Street Traffic
  • Innovative Method for Remotely Fine-Tuning Offsets Along a Diverging Diamond Interchange Corridor
  • Multimodal Data Analytics Comparative Visualization Tool: Case Study of Pedestrian Crossing Design
  • Understanding the Factors Underlying Variation in Detection Errors of Video- and Thermal-Imaging Cameras
  • Performance Analysis of Centralized and Distributed Systems for Urban Traffic Control
  • Predictive–Tentative Transit Signal Priority with Self-Organizing Traffic Signal Control
  • Efficient Priority Control Model for Multimodal Traffic Signals
  • Safety-Related Guidelines for Time-of-Day Changes in Left-Turn Phasing
  • Characterizing Emergency Vehicle Preemption Operation with High-Resolution Traffic Signal Event Data

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