Pavement Management, Vol. 1


TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2589 Pavement Management, Vol. 1 consists of 18 papers that explore pavement management, including:

  • Informing Roadway Sustainability Practices by Using Greenroads Certified Project Data
  • Computational Technique for Detecting Errors in Network-Level Pavement Condition Data
  • Influence of Pavement Condition Data Variability on Network-Level Maintenance Decision
  • Imperfect Preventive Maintenance Strategy for Flexible Pavements Based on Threshold Reliability, Cost Optimization, and Mechanistic–Empirical Analysis
  • Model Development, Field Section Characterization, and Model Comparison for Excess Vehicle Fuel Use Attributed to Pavement Structural Response
  • Evaluating Needs of Road Maintenance in Sweden with the Mixed Proportional Hazards Model
  • Rational Procedure for Determination of Rut Depth Intervention Level in Network-Level Pavement Management
  • Hybrid Modeling Approach for Quantifying Maintenance and Rehabilitation Treatment Effectiveness of Asphalt Pavements
  • Developing a Correlation Between the Pavement Condition Ratings Used by Five Federal Lands Management Agencies
  • Road Section Length Variability on Pavement Management Decision Making for Ontario, Canada, Highway Systems
  • Three-Stage Least Squares Analysis of Post-rehabilitation Pavement Performance
  • Methodology for Determining Performance Life of Hot-Mix Asphalt Mixtures
  • Use of Connected Vehicles to Characterize Ride Quality
  • Validation of Dynamic Simulation of Slow-Moving Surface Deflection Measurements
  • Prediction of Pavement Performance: Application of Support Vector Regression with Different Kernels
  • Global Procedure for Temperature Adjustment of Measured Pavement Deflection Data: Based on the Long-Term Pavement Performance Seasonal Monitoring Program
  • Use of Three-Dimensional Pavement Surface Data to Analyze Crack Deterioration: Pilot Study on Georgia State Route 26
  • Seed-Based Approach for Automated Crack Detection from Pavement Images

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