Asphalt Mixtures and Materials, 2015: Volume 1


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2505, explores 16 papers related to asphalt materials and mixtures, including:

  • Improved Practical Model for Permeability and Implications for the Design of High-Performance Hot-Mix Asphalt
  • Asphalt Concrete Layer to Support Track Slab of High-Speed Railway
  • Effects of Stress Levels on Creep and Recovery Behavior of Modified Asphalt Binders with the Same Continuous Performance Grades
  • Alternative Approach Toward the Aging of Asphalt Binder
  • Rheological Indexes: Phenomenological Aspects of Asphalt Binder Aging Evaluations
  • Field Validation of a Thermal Cracking Resistance Specification Framework for Modified Asphalt
  • Modification of the Resistivity-Rutting Model to Use Recoverable Creep Compliance
  • Effect of Aging on Adhesion Properties of Asphalt Mixtures with the Use of Bitumen Bond Strength and Surface Energy Measurement Tests
  • Wetting Characteristics of Asphalt Binders at Mixing Temperatures
  • Effects of Asphalt Source, Asphalt Grade, and Inclusion of Additives on Asphalt Foaming Characteristics
  • Evaluation of Oxidization of Crumb Rubber–Modified Asphalt During Short-Term Aging
  • Prediction of Rheological and Damage Properties of Asphalt Binders That Result from Oxidative Aging
  • Back calculation of Swollen Crumb Rubber Modulus in Asphalt Rubber Binder and Its Relation to Performance
  • Comparison of Concentric Cylinder and Parallel Plate Geometries for Asphalt Binder Testing with a Dynamic Shear Rheometer
  • Study of Asphalt Aging Through Beam Fatigue Test
  • Rheological and Chemical Characterization of Bio-binders from Different Biomass Resources

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