Low Volume Roads 2015: Volume 2


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2473 consists of 28 papers covering the following topics relating to low volume roads:

  • Markov Chain Modeling of Pavement Surfacing
  • Evaluation of the Use of Magnesium Chloride for Surface Stabilization and Dust Control on Unpaved Roads
  • Recommendations for Seal Treatment Rejuvenation Specifications Based on Bending Beam Rheometer Testing of Mixture Beams
  • Evaluation of the Effect of Rural Road Condition on Agricultural Produce Transportation
  • Comparison of Low-Volume Road Pavement Performance with Results of Accelerated Pavement Testing
  • Implementation of Preventive Maintenance in Network-Level Optimization: Case Study of the Serbian Low-Volume Road Network
  • Optimized Maintenance Standards for Unpaved Road Networks Based on Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
  • Use of Ash in Hot Dense Mixtures: Alternative to Reduce Environmental Liabilities
  • Applying Social Return on Investment to Risk-Based Transportation Asset Management Plans in Low-Volume Bridges
  • Correlations Between Strains in a Thin Asphalt Pavement Structure and Deflection Basins: Investigation by Linear Elastic Analysis and Experiments
  • Performance of Sand-Treated Clay Subgrade Supporting a Low-Volume Flexible Pavement
  • Neural Estimation of Localization and Classification of Soils for Use in Low-Traffic-Volume Roads
  • Design and Construction of Welded Wire Retaining Walls in the Siuslaw and Willamette National Forests
  • Evaluation of Aggregate-Surfaced Roads for Timber Haul
  • Estimation of Subgrade Resilient Modulus for Fine-Grained Soil from Unconfined Compression Test
  • New Approach for Upgrading Gravel Roads to a Low-Volume Sealed Standard Based on the Use of the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer
  • Soil–Water Characteristic Curves for Soils Stabilized with Class C Fly Ash
  • Skid Resistance of Magnesium Chloride Roads
  • Stabilizing Sand Roads with Wood Products and Byproducts
  • Postsurcharge Secondary Compression Characteristics of Marine Clay from Piezocone Penetration Tests on a Low-Volume Road
  • Lime and Cement Treatments for Low-Volume Roads: Sustainability and Resiliency Issues
  • Development of Provisional Specification Language for Chemical Treatments for Unpaved Roads
  • Effect of the Use of a Polymeric Stabilizing Additive on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soils
  • Improvement in Physical and Mechanical Properties of Soils by the Addition of Lime for Paving Roads
  • Use of Finite Difference Numerical Technique to Evaluate Deep Patch Embankment Repair with Geosynthetics
  • Design Considerations for Deep Patch Embankment Repair with Geosynthetics
  • Determination of Load Equivalency for Unpaved Roads
  • The Long History of Geosynthetics Use on Forest Roads

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