Pavement Management 2014, Vol. 1


TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2455 Pavement Management 2014, Vol. 1 consists of 10 papers that summarize the use of system dynamics to understand long-term impact of climate change on pavement performance and maintenance cost; Florida’s return on investment from pavement research and development; safety impacts of skid resistance in decision-making processes for pavement management; calibration and validation of condition indicators for managing urban pavement networks; and investigating consistencies in highway performance monitoring systems and pavement management reporting.Additionally, this TRR explores a probabilistic life-cycle assessment as a network-level evaluation tool for use and maintenance phases of pavements; use of a finite element analysis and fatigue failure model to estimate costs of pavement damage caused by heavy vehicles; vehicle operating cost estimates caused by pavement surface conditions; the safety impact of pavement conditions; and aggregating and modeling automated pavement condition survey data for flexible pavements for use in pavement management.

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