Pavement Management 2014, Vol. 3


TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2457 consists of 15 papers that examine approaches to pavement raveling detection and measurement; traffic speed deflectometer results; the testing of lasers used for ride quality measurement on hot-mix asphalt pavements; measuring pavement roughness using an android-based smartphone application; and performance predictions of rutting for the National Center For Asphalt Technology test track.

This issue also evaluates the dynamic performance of subgrade and foundation layers using lightweight deflectometer tests; aggregate base layer variability on pavement performance; a backcalculation procedure for bonded concrete overlays of asphalt pavement; a backcalculation of an asphalt concrete modulus master curve using field-measured falling weight deflectometer data; and scaling relationships of dissipation-induced pavement-vehicle interactions.

In addition, this TRR explores the incorporation of surface microtexture in the prediction of skid resistance of flexible pavements; the establishment of relationship between pavement surface friction and mixture design properties; a surface drainage evaluation for rigid pavements; a study of cornering maneuvers of a pneumatic tire on asphalt pavement surfaces using the finite element method; and applying Florida’s past crash data to evaluate hydroplaning risk prediction methods.

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