Asphalt Materials and Mixtures, Vol. 2


TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2445 consists of 12 papers that examine the low-temperature characterization of foamed warm-mix asphalt produced by water injection; an analytical methodology to determine the composition of filler used in hot-mix asphalt; effects of binder modification on aggregate structure and thermo-volumetric properties of asphalt mixtures; and a statistical analysis of the influence of mix design parameters on mechanical properties of mixes with reclaimed asphalt pavement.

This issue also explores new additives for use in hot in-place recycling to improve performance of reclaimed asphalt pavement mix; the effect of crumb rubber dissolution on low-temperature performance and aging of asphalt–rubber binder; laboratory investigation of biochar-modified asphalt mixture; and a laboratory study on effects of high reclaimed asphalt pavement and binder content, which include stiffness, fatigue resistance, and rutting resistance.

Additionally, this TRR explores the production, construction, and properties of high reclaimed asphalt pavement mixtures; strategies for incorporating higher recycled asphalt pavement percentages; the laboratory performance of asphalt mixtures containing recycled asphalt shingles; and testing of fine asphalt mixtures to quantify effectiveness of asphalt binder replacement using recycled shingles.

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