This Year, Alaska Brings Tow Plowing to Snows in Anchorage and Interior

AASHTO Journal, 17 October 2014

To get ahead of this winter’s snow clearing needs, Alaska’s Department of Transportation and Public Facilities is bringing into Anchorage and Interior Alaska the kind of heavy equipment it has so far only used in a few areas.

The agency is telling residents to get ready to see a tow plow on the roads, and to give that equipment plenty of room. Already used in 22 other states, the big plows take some getting used to by other drivers when they are first introduced into a new area.

A tow plow, which is pulled along to the side of and behind a regular snow plow truck, can allow that driver to clear two lanes at a time. While one such unit costs about $92,000, ADOT&PF said it will help clear roads with fewer workers and vehicles.

But other motorists need to stay back at least 200 feet, the agency says. It is using a messaging campaign to get that word out, telling drivers:  “Don’t crowd the plow.”

Here is its short, to-the-point video showing a snow plow in action and calling for motorists to give it room to do its job.

DOT Tow Plow PSA Awareness from AlaskaDOTPF on Vimeo.

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