Pavement Management 2013, Volume 4

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2369 consists of 13 papers that explore unbound pavement layers modified by geogrids; permanent deformation characteristics of unbound granular materials; the effect of cross-anisotropy of hot-mix asphalt modulus on falling weight deflections and embedded sensor stress–strain; an evaluation of seasonal variation in mechanistic responses of flexible pavements; and inverse analysis of asphalt layer properties.

This issue of the TRR also explores pavement response and predicted damage by wide-base single-tire and dual-tire assemblies; the benefits of diamond grinding of a continuously reinforced concrete pavement; the functional properties of porous asphalt pavements; skid resistance performance on porous and nonporous pavements; sound absorption and friction responses of nanoconcrete for rigid pavements; a beam-bridging filter for use in airport groove identification; the reliability of predicting hydroplaning risk; influence of temperature on tire–pavement friction; and locked-wheel and fixed-slip skid systems.

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