FHWA Hosting Webinar on AASHTO TIG Product

AASHTO Journal, 17 May 2013

The Federal Highway Administration announced this week it will host a webinar on PaveSuite, an AASHTO Technology Implementation Group (TIG) demonstration product.

PaveSuite includes four new pavement evaluation technologies:

  • Enhanced Pavement Test Data Analysis Methodology, an alternative method of analyzing data from nondestructive testing that adopts the use of contour plots to provide enhanced information;
  • Automated Faulting Method, software used with a high-speed inertial profiler to detect joints and estimate faulting in jointed concrete pavement;/li>
  • Identifying Vibration-Sensitive Work Zones, analysis software used to estimate the possibility of structural damage and human annoyance by predicting areas sensitive to vibratory compaction rolling; and
  • Automated Cross-Slope and Drainage Path Method, which provides pavement engineers a more efficient and effective way to identify roadway areas with a high likelihood of hydroplaning (the tool can also be used to evaluate mitigation strategies).

FHWA’s PaveSuite webinar focuses on two of these technologies: the Automated Faulting Method and the Automated Cross-Slope and Drainage Path Method. Florida Department of Transportation Pavement Engineer James Greene will serve as moderator for the webinar, while FDOT Pavement Evaluation Engineer Abdenour Nazef and Applied Research Associates Pavement Engineer Alex Mraz serve as speakers.

TIG identifies and champions the implementation and deployment of a select few proven technologies, processes, or products that it deems likely to yield major economic or qualitative benefits to its users. Similarly, TIG also supports the implementation of products from the second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP2). TIG reports to AASHTO’s Standing Committee on Highways and works with the Standing Committee on Research and the Research Advisory Committee to identify any new technologies.

Registration for the webinar is available here. Additional information on PaveSuite is available here​.


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