2013 NEPPP Annual Meeting

Meeting Details
Date04/29 - 05/01
LocationAnnapolis, Maryland

What: The Northeast Pavement Preservation Partnership is a regional forum of pavement professionals working together to promote the benefits of Pavement Preservation through information sharing, education and application.

Where: Loews Annapolis Hotel, Annapolis, Maryland

Each workshop presentation was captured by NCPP staff using state of the art digital recording, so please click the play button to watch, or download the presentation in PDF format, if available.

# Name Organization Presentation Title Video PDF
1Gregory MurrillFHWAFHWA WelcomeWatch---
2Melinda PetersMaryland DOTWelcome to MarylandWatch---
3Peter StephanosFHWAPerformance Management ElementsWatch
4Tom HarmanFHWANational Updates & Discussion - MAP 21Watch
5Larry GalehouseNCPPNCPP / TSP 2 UpdateWatch
6Jim MoulthropFP2 incFP2 Inc. UpdateWatch
7Mary RobbinsNCATNCAT Preservation UpdateWatch
8Larry TomkinsErgon EmulsionsMicro-Slurry Training OpportunitiesWatch
9Marshall KlinefelterThe Maryland Asphalt AssociationVendor Presentations - The Maryland Asphalt AssociationWatch
10Josh JonesBlastracVendor Presentations - BlastracWatch
11Scott MathisonPathway ServicesVendor Presentations - Pathway ServicesWatch
12Jim MoulthropFP2 Inc.Vendor Presentations - FP2 Inc. Watch
13Jeff KoebrickConvergent ConcreteVendor Presentations - Convergent ConcreteWatch
14Les SimonURETEK USAVendor Presentations - URETEK USAWatch
15Ron SimbariAll States Materials GroupVendor Presentations - All States Materials GroupWatch
16Jim EdgertonAgile AssetsVendor Presentations - AgileAssetsWatch
17Dan PatenaudeSealcoating, Inc.Vendor Presentations - Sealcoating, IncWatch
18Tony PaceCrafco, Inc.Vendor Presentations - CrafcoWatch
19Greg JakubiakKercher EngineeringVendor Presentations - Kercher EngineeringWatch
20Nelson WesenbergColas, Inc.Vendor Presentations - ColasWatch
21William TompkinsonFugro RoadwareVendor Presentations - Fugro RoadwareWatch
22Robert CraftGallagher AsphaltVendor Presentations - Gallagher Asphalt Watch---
23Dennis BuckshawAP/M Centripipe Vendor Presentations - AP/M Centripipe Watch
24John CalvertPavement TechnologyVendor Presentations - Pavement TechnologyWatch
25Natasha OzybkoFORTA CorporationVendor Presentations - FORTA CorporationWatch---
26Kent HansenNAPAVendor Presentations - NAPAWatch---
27Andrea LathamKeystone EngineeringMicro MillingWatch
28Shreenath RaoApplied Research AssociatesFlexible MicrosurfacingWatch
29Walla MogawerUMass DartmouthCrack Resistance with Thin OverlaysWatch
30Larry ScofieldIGGAConcrete Preservation InnovationsWatch
31Tim MontagStrawser ConstructionMix Design for CIR and FDRWatch
32Brian DiefenderferVirginia Center for Transportation Innovation & ResearchVDOT Experiences with CIRWatch
33Scott NazarPennsylvania DOTCold RAP Recycling in PennsylvaniaWatch
34Jonathan SmithMassachusetts DOTState Reports - MassachusettsWatch
35Bryan LeeConnecticut DOTState Reports - ConnecticutWatch
36Kevin PrinceNew Hampshire DOTState Reports - New HampshireWatch
37Jose LimaRhode Island DOTState Reports - Rhode IslandWatch---
38Derek Nener-PlanteMaine DOTState Reports - Maine Watch
39Susan GresavageNew Jersey DOTState Reports - New JerseyWatch
40Scott NazarPennsylvania DOTState Reports - PennsylvaniaWatch
41Ed StellfoxMDT2 CenterState Reports - MDT2 CenterWatch
42Mike FowlerVermont DOTState Reports - VermontWatch
43Jim ChisholmNova Scotia Transportation and InfrastructureState Reports - Nova ScotiaWatch
44Nate MooreMaryland DOTState Reports - MarylandWatch
45Rhonda LewisDelaware DOTState Reports - DelawareWatch
46Everett SchmitzPathway Services, Inc.Road Surveying Equipment and Data Collection Technology OverviewWatch
47D.J. SwanFugro RoadwarePavement Roughness and Automated Data CollectionWatch
48Pat MorinWashington DOTWashington DOT's Approach to Performance Based ManagementWatch
49Rob DingessAmerican Traffic Safety Services AssociationHigh Friction SurfacingWatch
50Mike FowlerTri-State Performance Measures.pdf---
51Mike FowlerTri-State Pavement Condition Performance Measure.pdf---