2024 MPPP Annual Meeting

Meeting Details
Date9/22 - 9/24
LocationDeadwood, South Dakota

What is the Midwestern Pavement Preservation Partnership?
The Midwestern Pavement Preservation Partnership (MPPP) is an AASHTO regional forum of pavement professionals from state and provincial agencies, contractors, consultants, suppliers, academia, local and federal officials, all working together to take advantage of the synergy gained from sharing information and identifying common issues for further investigation. It provides a forum to share and publicize information describing improvements in research, design, specifications, materials, and construction practices, and to promote the benefits of Pavement Preservation through education and application.

Where will the Partnership Meeting be held?
The partnership meeting will be held in The Lodge at Deadwood, 100 Pine Crest Lane, Deadwood SD 57732.

How do I Register for the Meeting?
Please complete the attached meeting registration form and mail to the address indicated on the form by August 22, 2024 or Register Online.

Attendees not receiving travel assistance, hotel reservations and travel reimbursement from NCPP
Please make your room reservations directly by contacting the hotel at 605-584-4800 and ask for the block code NPPM. The cut-off date for the reduced rate of $104.00/night is August 22, 2024.

Attendees receiving travel assistance, hotel reservation and Travel Reimbursement from the NCPP
Will not call the hotel for a reservation, but will need to complete and return the Travel Planning Request Form, (please follow the instructions on the form) found online: HERE