2009 MPPP Annual Meeting

Meeting Details
Date10/26 - 10/29
LocationSchaumburg, Illinois

Each workshop presentation was captured by NCPP staff using state of the art digital recording, so please click the play button to watch, or download the presentation in PDF format, if available.

# Name Organization Presentation Title Video PDF
1LaDonna Rowden, David Lippert, Norman StonerIllinois Department of TransportationWelcome and IntroductionsWatch
2Vince VenturellaRoad Science, LLCUltra-Thin Bonded Wearing CourseWatch
3Mike VothFederal Lands HighwayFederal Lands Study on Polymer Modified EmulsionsWatch
4Larry GalehouseThe National Center for Pavement PreservationCrack Sealing and FillingWatch
5Roger Olson & Arlis KadrmasMinnesota Department of TransportationThe Rebirth of Chip Sealing in MinnesotaWatch
6State Agency RepresentativesState AgenciesState/Provence Poster SessionWatch---
7Brent MarjerisonMinistry of Highways and InfrastructureSaskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure Medium TreatmentsWatch
8Scott LackeyIllinois Department of TransportationCenter Line Joint PreservationWatch
9Donald ReidMetro Nashville Public WorksCity of Nashville Pavement Preservation ProgramWatch
10John RobertsInternational Grooving and Grinding AssociationConcrete Pavement Preservation - Integrating Engineering, Economics, and the EnvironmentWatch
11Colin DuranteEvaluating Performance of Fog Seals and RejuvenatorsWatch
12David PeskinApplied Pavement TechnologyStrategic Highway Research Program 2 Project R26 - PP on High-Traffic Volume RoadwaysWatch
13Jim CableThe Whitetopping Rehabilitation AlternativeWatch
14David PeshkinApplied Pavement TechnologyIncorporating Pavement Preservation into MEPDGWatch
15Janice WilliamsLouisiana Department of Transportation and DevelopmentRestoring Surface Friction / Extending Service LifeWatch
16Francois ChaignonColas, IncGreen Effect of Pavement PreservationWatch---
17Steve VarnedoeThe National Center for Pavement PreservationAASHTO, TSP2, and FHWA UpdatesWatch
18Larry GalehouseThe National Center for Pavement PreservationState Appraisal Information and WorkplanWatch---