2005 MPPP Annual Meeting

Meeting Details
Date02/01 - 02/03
LocationIndianapolis, Indiana
# Name Organization Presentation Title PDF
1Kevin KennedyMichigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Michigan Department of Transportation CPM Program
2Mike BuckinghamInternational Slurry Surfacing Association (ISSA)Microsurfacing
3"Moulthrop, Jim" SlurryMicro Mix Design Procedures
4Task Force Summary
5LaDonna RowdenIllinois Department of TransportationPavement Preservation in Illinois
6Katie ZimmermanPavement Management Basics
7Tom LorfeldWisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT)Presentation: Wisconsin DOT Maintenance Best Practices
8Dave AndrewskiIndiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)Pavement Preservation in Indiana - Best Practices
9Montana Department of Transportation Montana Department of Transportation Pavement Preservation Program
10Larry GalehouseMidwestern Pavement Preservation PartnershipTask Group Direction MPPP
11Saskatchewan's Best Practices
12Chris NewmanTransportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TCCC) - Partnering for Workforce Development
13Roger C. Olson, Thomas J. WoodMinnesota Department of Transportation (MN/DOT) Flexible Slurry/Micro Surfacing
14Roger C. OlsonMinnesota Department of Transportation (MN/DOT)Minnesota's Best Practices
15Michael EackerMidwestern Pavement Preservation PartnershipMichigan's Concrete Preservation Techniques
16Colin A. FrancoRhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT)Rubberized Asphalt in Pavement Preservation
17Kevin KennedyMPPP Micro Surfacing
18North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT)NDDOT Report to MPPP
19Larry GalehouseThe National Center for Pavement Presevation (NCPP)The Midwest Pavement Preservation Partnership (MPPP)
20Larry GalehouseThe National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP)Network Evaluation for Mudville Transportation Department
21Larry GalehouseThe National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP)Policy Task Group Report
22Training Task Group Report
23Missouri Department of TransportationMoDOT's Amendment 3 Program
24Len FrassSaskatchewan Highways & TransportationInnovative Road Maintenance Treatments
25Jim McGrawNational Transportation Evaluation Program (NTPEP) NTPEP Joint and Crack Sealant Evaluation Update
26Long-Range Strategic Plan for Primary Roads
27Specifications Task Group Report
28Research Task Group Report
29Materials Task Group Report
30Midwestern Pavement Preservation PartnershipManitoba Pavement Preservation Situation
31Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)ODOT - Pavement Preventive Maintenance Program